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About Us

Realtex Development Corporation ("Realtex") is a professional real estate development company with extensive experience and a unique approach to the real estate business.

Realtex was formed in early 1998 with a focus on creating high quality multi-family properties while providing sound investments for the participants. The principals, Rick J. Deyoe and John O. Boyd, have extensive experience in selecting both solid real estate markets and product designs, which encompass all of the parameters of truly quality developments. These objectives enhance the investor's safety, while providing the highest quality affordable and market rate housing in the state. In fact, as a Realtex community is built, it instills a positive impact on the living and social conditions of the neighborhoods surrounding the property.

Since the company's focus is based on sound real estate principles, each market for a proposed Realtex property is scrutinized to ascertain feasibility. Particular attention is paid to the employment, economic, and demographic characteristics in determining the viability and depth of each market.

In addition, Realtex takes into consideration the phyisical components of each project. Each site is chosen for its prime location and ease of development.

Product type is another key factor, and Realtex specializes in responding to the varying demands of each market and implementing cost effective designs and market-oriented amenities.

Our diverse portfolio of properties is comprised of four strategic business units:

  • Affordable Housing (including HUD)
  • Market Rate Luxury Apartment Homes
  • Senior Affordable Housing
  • Student & University Housing

Realtex MS was recently created as the new umbrella brand for all the affordable housing communities that Realtex has in the Mississippi area. For more info about us please visit

Realtex MS